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29 June 10 , Tuesday 3.30 pm!

Please leave a comment, and refrain from emailing us your orders,
as emails will only be attended to after all comments are invoiced

GSS Promo:

Purchase 1 Item: $1 off

Purchase 2 items: $2 off

Purchase 3 items or more: $3 off

Mass Meetup: Saturday (3 July 10), Clementi MRT 10.30am.

FB: +26/-0


For mailing listees:

Free normal mail for any item purchased!

HERE to join our mailing list!
Free registered mail for purchase of 3 items and above!

Note: Prices stated are inclusive of normal mailing for mailing listees.

Non mailing listees, kindly add $1.50 for normal mail and additional $0.50 for subsequent items.
Additional $2.24 for registered mail

Bags are not inclusive of mailing, pls add additional $2.50 for normal mailing
and additional $2.25 for registered mail.

Attention to all ATM users:
Kindly note that all ATM payments must be accompanied with a snapshot of your ATM receipt for verification purpose.
We seek your co-operation for a smooth shopping experience.
Thanks lots!  =)

Note: Laundry care for all apparels
**Please hand wash seperately and use only light/mild detergent.

Do not soak in water. This is especially so for apparels with 2 or more colours**

Navy: All Pending/Sold

- Last few pieces

Blue -
Last 2 pieces

- Last few pieces

Cool Spring -
Last few pieces

Sweet Autumn
- Last few pieces

Last 2 pieces

As Seen on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

Black - All Pending / Sold
Restock available. Leave a comment if interested. 

- Sold Out
Restock available. Leave a comment if interested. 

Last 2 pieces

Black -
Last few pieces

- Available

Sold Out

All Pending / Sold
Leave a comment if interested, will put you in the waiting list =)

Bags are not inclusive of mailing,
pls add additional $2.50 for normal mailing and $2.25 on top of normal mailing for registered mail.

**All Comments Screened**

Pre-Order closing on 4th July 2010, 2359

Click HERE

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