ivoryveil (ivoryveil) wrote in thecommunity,

Ivoryveil - 16th May 2010

1) Yellow Sundress

Status: Available

Lovely yellow floral sundress that is comfortable for everyday wear. Comes with side zip for easy

wearing. Inner lining.

Material: Cotton-Chiffon Mix

Length: 33 inches

PTP: 14 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 8 

$25 Mailed

2) Beach Babe Maxi Dress

Status: All pending. Restocks possible. Leave down your email add

Head on down to beach in this maxi dress. Figure Flattering

Material: Cotton

Length: 53 inches

Fits UK 6 to 10

$25 Mailed

3)  Jumpsuit

Status: Last piece left

Bring out the chic side of you in this ultra comfortable jumpsuit. Comes with inner spaghetti top

Material: Cotton

Measurement: 48 inch down, 17 across (Fits UK 6 to 8)

$25 mailed

4) Floral Tube Dress

Status: Available

What is summer without a floral dress? With elastic band and non functional buttons at the chest area, it is definitely figure flattering.

Material: Cotton- Chiffon Mixture

Measurement: 26 inch down, 15 inch across ( Fits Uk 6 to small UK10)

$25 mailed

5) Mint Crochet Top

Status: Last piece left

Intricate Design, extremely excellent workmanship.

Material: cotton

Measurement: 26 inch down. 15 across (Fits UK 6 to 10)

$24 mailed

6) Topshop Inspired Blue Striped Top

Status: Available

Love at first sight! Excellent cutting that accentuate figure.

Measurement: 22 inch down, 16.5 Across (Fits UK 6 to 10)

$25 Mailed

7) Ribbon Bow Skirt

Status: Available

We love this skirt that is perfect for work at such an affordable price!

Colour is not true to the photo on the left. It is opaque black in real life

Measurement: 18 inch across, 13 inch across ( Fits UK 6 to small 10)

$25 mailed

8) Pink Casual Laidback Top

This top is perfect for lazy days. Pair it with a belt and bottoms, you are more than ever ready to leave the house! Fuss-free!

Status: Available

Material: Cotton

Measurement: 30 inch down, 24 inch down (fits UK 6 to 12)

$25 Mailed

9) Cream Coloured Blouse

Status: Available

With excellent material and workmanship, this piece is going to stay in your wardrobe! Good for work and play. Use your creativity to bring out the different looks that you can possibly work out!
*Functional buttons

Measurement: 23.5 inch down, 16 inch across ( Fits UK 6 to 10)

$25 Mailed

10) Chain Brown Bag

Status: Available

This bag is gorgeous! We love the chains at the side. It comes with a detachable sling strap. Fits A4 and it has a side zip and inner pocket for your cellphone!

Measurement: 16 inch across, 13 inch down

$32.90 Mailed


11) Star Buy Structured Bag

Status: Available ( Comes in both Red and Blue)

Tired of all your bags? You definitely need this bright coloured bag to differentiate yourself. Fits A4. Comes with detachable sling strap. The colour combination is awesome right! 

Measurement: 15 inch across, 10 inch down

$33 mailed



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