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Every girls' essential - Part 3


Hi babes,

Every girls' essential is back again! All the designs are verstaile and timeless pieces that can bring

you to anywhere. Really an essential for every girl. Thank you for the constant support. Enjoy



Fengni & Jiexin



1) Two tone Work dress

Status: Last few pieces

Great for work! lovely mint that will definitely brighten up your day

Material: Chiffon/Cotton

Length: 34 inches

PTP: Up to 17 inches

Waist :  Up to 15 inches

Fits Uk 6 to Uk 10

$26 Mailed


2) Chiffon flowy dream

Status: ALL SOLD for lavender

Available for Blue

This dress is made of cooling chiffon which is really

comfortable to wear! Inner lining

Comes in Lavender and blue

Material: Chiffon

Length: 31 inches

PTP: Up to 16.5 inches

$25 Mailed



3) Chic dress  

Status: Available

This dress is so lovely! Grey and Pink totally complement each other

Material: Spantex 

Length:29.5 inches

PTP: 17 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$25 Mailed



4) Navy Flutter T back dress

Status: Last few pieces/Pending

This dress was love at first sight! Loves the T-back design t the back as well as the flutter sleeves.Perfect.

Material: Spantex

Length: 32.5 inches

Waist: Up to 16.5 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$25 Mailed




5) Black & White Striped Dress

Status: Last few pieces

Versatile piece that can suit any occassion. Comes with side zip for easy


Material: Thick Cotton

Length: 33 inches

PTP: Up to 17.5 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$25 Mailed


6) Fashionista Romper

A must have this season! This flattering romper is suitable for everyone!

Definitely bring out the fashionista in you 

Status: Availabe

Material: Japanese Cotton

Length: 31.5 inches

Waist/Hip: Up to 22 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$25 Mailed




7) Chiffon Chanel Collared dress 

Status: Available

This Korea inspired piece is so lovely! Look like an angel

in this sweet piece. Perfect for dates with your loved ones

or just for any occassion. Inner Slip provided.

Material: Chiffon

Length: 33 inches

PTP: Up to 20 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 12

$25 Mailed


8) Dusty Pink Ribbon Top

Status: Last few pieces

This top is so versatile. Fits any occasion. Brings you from work to play.

Material: Cotton

Length: 25 inches

PTP: Up to 16 inches

Fits UK 6 to small UK 10

$24 Mailed



9) Gold Button Shorts

This shorts is a great for school and play. Really comfortable piece that

is suitable for the hot summer weather.

Status: Available


Length: 13 inches

Waist/Hip: Up to 16 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$23 Mailed


10) Chanel inspired lace top

Status: Available

Classy yet sweet! this top is great for bringing out the girly charm in you.

Functional buttons. Inner tube not included

Material: Lace/Cotton

 Length: 24.5 inches

PTP: Up to 17 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$24 Mailed





11) Horizontal M shaped Top

Status: Available

Kimi's favourite piece! Intricate workmanship.

Pair this top with your favourite pair of jeans and you are

ready to bring out the chic girl in you.

Comes with a F21 inspired spectacle brooch.

Material: Cotton

Length: 27 inches

PTP: Up to 18 inches

Fits UK 6 to UK 10

$24 Mailed


12) Classic Elegance

Status: Available

This top is lovely! We kept one each. Tube provided.

Comes in midnight blue (*slightly darker in real life) and white.

Fits: UK 6 to UK 10

$25 Mailed



13) Japanese inspired floral top

Status: Last piece

This japanese girls' favourite is ideal for the summer. Intricate crochet at

the chest area. Lovely lace details at the hems and

sleeves. Cooling material!

Material: Cotton/linen

Length: 25 inches

PTP: 18.5 inches

Fits: UK 6 to UK 12

$24 Mailed

14) Lily printed grey top

Korean inspired piece. Loves the little floral prints which is an

essential design for this yea's summer

Comes with a black sash that you can tie around the waist ( not featured

in the pictures)


Status : Available

Length: 24.5 inches

PTP: 16.5 inches

$24 Mailed



15) Lace tunic

It was love at first sight for us. Intricate lace details. Great cutting that will

definitely flatter your figure. Quality workmanship

Comes in White and Black

Status: Available

Length: 28 inches

PTP: 18 inches

$24 Mailed









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