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24 Feb 10 , Wednesday 3 pm!

Free normal mail for all mailing listees!
HERE to join our mailing list!

Free registered mail for purchase of $50 and above!

FB: +26/-0

Status (25 Feb 10, 10PM) :

Invoiced all comments!
All payments verified!

Stocks status updated!

If you have left a comment, but did not receive our email, kindly check your junk box also.
Alternatively, you may email us dandzelia@gmail.com to enquire.

Thank you & Happy Shopping!


Note: Laundry care for all apparels
**Please hand wash seperately and use only light/mild detergent.

Do not soak in water. This is especially so for apparels with 2 or more colours**

Embroidery Dress: Sold OUt !

Chiffon Drape Dress: Last piece !

Back View:

Checkered Boyfriend Shirt: All Pending / Sold  !

Batwings Throwover in Light Grey: Sold Out !

Batwings Throwover in Blue: All Pending / Sold  !

Batwings Throwover in Black: Sold Out !

Back View:

Panel Classic Dress in Black/White: Last  piece restocked !

Panel Classic Dress in Black/Peach Pink: Sold Out !

Back View:

Lace Tank Tunic in Babypink: Sold Out !

Lace Tank Tunic in Cream: Last piece due to dead buyer !

Back View (U-back):                                               Back View: (V-Back):

Close up of lace details:

Stephy Toga Dress in Black: Last 2 pieces  !

Stephy Toga Dress in Gunmetal: Last 2 pieces  !

Back View:

Sequinned Frill Dress: Last 2 pieces  !

Back View:

Lace Trim Cami in Navy: All Pending / Sold  !

Lace Trim Cami in Black: Last piece!

Back View:

Cargo Shorts: Functional front pockets, non-functional back pockets
Model wearing S

Cargo Shorts w/ Belt in Brown - Size S: Sold Out  !
                                                                       - Size M: Last 2 pieces  !

Cargo Shorts w/ Belt in Black - Size S: Sold Out  !
                                                                      - Size M: All Pending / Sold  !

Back View:

Spidy Belt - Black: All Pending / Sold  !
        - Red: Last 2 pieces !

Bangle Set A: Last 2 pieces !

Bangle Set B: Sold out !

**All Comments Screened**
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