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19 Jan 10 , Tuesday 8.30pm!

Free normal mail for all mailing listees!
HERE to join our mailing list!

Free registered mail for purchase of $50 and above!

Status (21 Jan 10, 12.05AM) :

Invoiced all comments!
All payments verified

Stocks status updated!

If you have left a comment, but did not receive our email, kindly check your junk box also.
Alternatively, you may email us dandzelia@gmail.com to enquire.

Thank you & Happy Shopping!


Note: Laundry care for all apparels
**Please hand wash seperately and use only light/mild detergent.

Do not soak in water.**

Holivale Grecian Dress *Exclusively Manufactured* A Designer Inspired piece!
Left limited qty from pre-order!

Holivale Grecian Dress in Black: Available

Holivale Grecian Dress in Grey: Available

Holivale Grecian Dress in Jade: Available

Holivale Grecian Dress in Purple: Limited Qty Left!

Top Version: Add additional $1 for alteration to a top!
Length: 25 inches

Pic shown is not actual piece of the top,
Dress was folded up to show how it looks like as a Top, hence the untidyness of the hem.


Back View:

Chiffon T-Back Dress in Cream: Sold Out !

Chiffon T-Back Dress in Navy: Last 2 pieces!

Back View:

Flora Tubbie in Red: Last 2 pieces !

Flora Tubbie in Blue: Last 2 pieces !

Frilly Toga Dress in Fushia: Last piece !

Colour appears more reddish due to studio lighting, Colour more true to this:

Frilly Toga Dress in Emerald Green: Last few pieces !

*Emerald Green: colour is greener in real life, couldnt capture the true colour due to studio lighting*

Back View:

Katie Embellished Dress:  Last few pieces !

Back View:

Necklace Embellished Top in Purple: All Pending / Sold !

Necklace Embellished Top in Black: All pending / sold !

Necklace Embellished Top in Fushia: Sold Out !

Back View:

Pleated Toga Dress in Pink: Last 2 pieces !

Pleated Toga Dress in blue: Last piece !

Back View:

Snake Print Tank Dress: Sold out !

Corset Buckle Belt: Sold Out !
Restock possible, leave comment if interested

Glamour Belt: All pending / sold !

*All Comments Screened*
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