(-)Lenna(-) (crashxburn) wrote in thecommunity,

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everybody had a good time last night!! :) I did! Anyways to get to my point! I'm promoting again, because communities are just more fun w/ more people right?

sweet_and_spicy My community, its fairly young, and based on looks and personality. I own this community, I give the final say. All of the members are extremly nice unlike other ones you've seen :) SO COME JOIN!!!

_prettindirrty_ Me and one of my best friends xxkarlena own this, like sweet_and_spicy it's based on looks and personality. :)

(In the survey say that crashxburn or Lenna recommended you! :) THANKS!

__pretty I just recently got accepted to this community and you don't have to be extremly gorgous like other communities you've seen. The bottom line, if you think you're cute, you probably are :) This community is brand new and wants more members!!!

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