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Name: Nightmares & NotDreamscape·Talk
Random: Zzzzzz...
Theme: Metaphysical Plane
Bio: Not everyone recalls what they dream but some of us do. If you're one of us why not share some of your recollections?

Name: We'b'HappyHappy·Community
Random: We'b'Smiling
Theme: grinning gargoyles
Bio: Make a post and in it say what makes you happy. Posts can be short or long.

Name: LJ AddictsLjrnlddctsannms
Random: Live Journal and computers can run your life.
Theme: Are you addicted to livejournal?
Bio: If you find that you are avoiding work or your social life to spend time on live journal, this is the place for you.

Name: a laugh for your soulSilly·Religion
Random: God must have a sense of humor...It made us after all
Theme: a place for serious and ludicrous relgious sharing
Bio: This community doesn't support any one religion, we're not about that! Despite what you may think from the appearance of the place this is not a Satanic community.

Name: Fetish FashionVideo·Embedding
Random: originally made this comm just for the links
Theme: for people that love video embedding sites / NWS...sorta kinda maybe...ish
Bio: You are welcome to post vids to this community if you join. Adult content or not, nothing needs to be behind an LJ·cut unless its multiples...and you really don't need to do that.

Name: WeirdfolksWeirdfolks
Random: Weird: unearthly or mysterious, Folks: people in general
Theme: all the wacky stuff that can be found online
Bio: On the plus side, if one of you demented geniuses gets a workable idea for world domination...this is the place to drum up your minions of evil!!
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