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Preorder #5 - Korean Imports

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Apparel #1

The golden pretty studs that are way to attractive for such a beautiful piece.
It can be worn as a dress or top and best suited with a pair of leggings and off we go!
Measures: Free Size - 14" - 16"PTP, 30" down,
Available only in black
$18 mailed

Apparel #2

Appealing Frills and triple shirring makes perfect for any day!
Rubberise at waist area
Accessorize & off we go!
Measures: Free Size - 14" - 16"PTP, 32" down
Available only in Dark Grey
$19 mailed

Apparel #3

BLINK! BLINK! is the best fantastic piece
Dress it up with a pair of shorts and off we go!
Measures: Free Sized - 14-16"PTP, 28" down
Only Available in Black 
$18 mailed

Apparel #4

Shiny piece of Ballerina top with a raunched at the side
Available only in Charcoal
Measures: Free Sized 14" - 16"PTP, 24" down
$17 mailed

Apparel #5

We love this simple and lovely dress that matches with any accessories!
Great for a casual day out (: 
Available only in Beige
Measures: 33" down
$19 mailed

Apparel #6

A slightly smocked dress dat shows an appealing figure
Available in Charcoal and Mint
Measures: Free Sized - 30" down
$19 Mailed

Apparel #7

Our Favourite piece of denim leggings!
A piece that you cant do without in this collection!
Available in Blue, Dark Blue, White, Black
Measures: Free Size - 32" down
$15 Mailed

Apparel #8

A sexy piece of striped cutesy shirt
A fabulous piece of a casual day out :D
Measures: Free Size - 14" - 16"PTP, 24" down
Available in Dark Grey
$17 Mailed

Apparel #9

A long drape piece of flirtatious top/dress that make heads turn! the cuts and design is oh-so-flattering!
Available in Navy
Measures: Free Size - 14-16"PTP, 30" down

Apparel #10
the perfect basic!
Love how its so comfortable and versatile!
Available only in black
Measure: Free Sized - 29" down

Apparel #11

a unique piece of strip pull over with small attracting buttons at sleeves.
Available in Brown and Red
Measures: Free Size - 24" down
All payments to be made to POSB SAVINGS 134-15556-6 before submitting the following form.
Name / LJ Nick:
Email Address:
Banking Details: In case of refunds Postage
Type: Normal / Registered
Item #1 Item Name:
Color: Qty:
Price: ALT if OOS:

Item #2 Item Name:

Total Number of items: Total Price:  Apparel #1 + Apparel #2 = $____


For iBanking Transfers
iBanking Name:
Transaction Ref: Amount Transferred:

For ATM Transfers:


- Free Registered postage for those who purchase 3 apparels and above! So gather your friends down now!
- Preorder ends next Monday, 28 Dec 2009, 1159pm.
- Stocks are directly imported from Korea, so quality is assured!
- Stocks are expected to arrive before the end of year.
- Please note that GirlsObsessions will not be held responsible for normal lost mail should you not opt for registered postage.

happy shopping! :D
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