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not a question of just having members really... just often seems like I'm the only one posting.

11:54 PM 10/2/09 · The base idea of a community is to make something interesting so that when the moderator's not posting themself, members tend to take up the slack and fill the time between with their own stuff appropriate for that place.

These are the 15 places I'd like more posting members to join:

Name: it is following me1124·apophenia
Theme: quirk of fate
Bio: Born on the 24th of November, it seems bizarree how often the numbers 1124 seem to pop up so damned often in my life
Typical Posts: single instances, per post, of the number...trying to avoid the excessive amount of times I see it on a clock face

Name: Random QuestionsAnswers·for·All
Random: not knowing stuff is actually beneficial
Theme: there are no stupid questions
Bio: Big fan of the random question communities when I first came to livejournal so I made one too
Typical Posts: questions

Name: give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds
Random: stuff has just got to go
Theme: inverted pack rats?
Bio: when you're trimming down your friendslist you occasionally leave stuff you might want to add again later
Typical Posts: a listing of the feed along with brief descriptions

Name: PinkiesAnything·Pink
Random: oddly my least favorite color
Theme: ...guess...
Bio: really have no idea what inspired this
Typical Posts: more often than not pictures, some jokes, any fairly odd stuff

Name: I'm right and you're wrongArgument·Clinic
Random: You got a fucking problem?!?
Theme: start an argument, debate the hell out of it
Bio: Nothing quite so fun as a spirited discussion
Typical Posts: posts that will hopefull rub someone the wrong way and get something started

Name: FUBARBeyond·Wrong
Random: too many pedophiles at the library
Theme: can't normal bad stuff happen to us?
Bio: there is stuff you don't want to post to your journal but feel a need to post somewhere...why not here? For all the weird shit that happens to and near you in life.
Typical Posts: drama filled frenzies, nightmare inducing concepts, too many stubbed toes

Name: PerfectionChocolateIsaGod
Random: I am the God of Fudge
Theme: The path towards perfection leads to chocolate
Bio: Hands down my favorite food, as many of you I'm sure find it to be similar
Typical Posts: recipes, pictures, funnies, icons, macros,

Name: Maintainers/Moderators UniteCommunity·Mods
Random: I have become the goat
Theme: a moderators venting place
Bio: Sharing our experiences running our various communities and exchanging ideas
Typical Posts: more often than not, rants

Name: The Breakfast ClubDaily·1st·Meal
Random: bacon does the cabbage patch
Theme: What did you have for breakfast?
Bio: Working under the concept that the first meal you have on any given day is breakfast, just post what you had if you happen to be online
Typical Posts: very short descriptions of food intake

Name: KA BLOOEYEnd·of·de·World
Random: don't be depressed cuz the ride is over
Theme: Discussions of various end of the world scenarios, prophecies, etc.
Bio: At some point or other the world is going to end. Discuss.
Typical Posts: a few things from The Colbert Report, endless considerations of the Mayan Calendar dealio, occasional shout outs from Nostradamus

Name: We'b'HappyHappy·Community
Random: don't mind the gargoyles
Theme: you're happy, share with the group
Bio: With so much in the world bringing us all down it's nice to hear someone's got something going for them...even if it's just a little thing
Typical Posts: short blurbs about something that made you smile

Name: Cake!LjBirthdays
Random: only food you can blow & spit on that people will eat is birthday cake
Theme: pretty much livejournal's only birthday community
Bio: While some look at birthdays as just another step closer to their deaths, everybody likes a good party
Typical Posts: who's birthday is today, humor, recipes

Name: FUBARStabby·Day
Random: Kill it! Kill it with fire!!
Theme: violence central
Bio: No matter what I do online I always seem to find a lot of violence. Sometimes bloody, sometimes comical, sometime wholly insane. This is the place to share it all.
Typical Posts: embedded videos, syndicated feeds, animations

Name: TwitterTwits·by·Choice
Random: not twiggas, not twitterers, not tweeters
Theme: Joined the place full well knowing it made us twits
Bio: Seemed like a good idea at time
Typical Posts: rants about twitter issues, 'add me' type stuff

Name: We are the world...Welcome·2·Earth
Random: the blue one, 3rd from the sun
Theme: it's a fascinating place we all live
Bio: A place to share what on Earth fascinates you somewhere other than where you live
Typical Posts: mostly stuff in countries other than mine that caught my eye
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