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Please join..

All you beautiful & cuties ladies out thier should check out:

deluxedesigns is a styles community that offers pre-made styles for paid accounts! Please come & check it out & join today! :)

ljbeautys(very new & needs members)
cutie_patooties for all the cuties
Also, check out real_pretty !

ljover20 is a hangout for ALL those ljers that are 20+!!

ljdedications is a to show apperciation to a lost loved one.

ljcats is for ALL the cat lovers of lj to post ANYTHING related to cats & MAKE friends with other ljers who LOVE cats!

bb_rejects is a place for all the beautiful BB people who have been rejected either in life or within a rate me community.

bb_nakedparts Show it OFF baby!

canadianfriends is a friendly community to get to know other Canadian's of LJ.
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