Mic (awakeinthenight) wrote in thecommunity,

2 Awesome Writing Challenge Comms!


A NaNoWriMo spinnoff on its tiniest scale! Every Monday morning at roughly around midnight [EST], 4 prompts will be posted to the community. These can be anything from words to phrases to excerpts to lyrics, pictures, excersises and more! Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to pick a prompt or 4 and write 7,000 words before the next week! Simple? You know it.

Winners are awarded graphic badges numbering just how many weeks they've tackled in a row! There is also a short story anthology in the making! Join, write, sign up for the anth and be published! More information can be found

The NaFi forums can be found

Note: Active members of nafiwriwee automatically jump to the head of the anthology queue upon sign up!


Running alongside nafiwriwee is a big bang writing challenge. Your goal, should you choose to accept it is to join the comm, sign up and write a minimum of 25,000 words in 30 days! Stage one is for getting the story out. Don't worry about editing until stage two!

Members of nafi_bigbang are also eligible to be a part of the 2009 short story anthology!

So what're you waiting for, writers! Come and join the fun!
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