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think 5 is enough for this time around...

Name: give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds
Origin: made by me
Theme: syndicated feeds we no longer watch
Bio: After making a number of feeds I started removing some but thought it good to have a place to list them in case I wanted to add them again.
Typical Posts: feeds no longer followed with a brief description

Name: PinkiesAnything·Pink
Origin: made by me
Theme: posting of pink things
Bio: Totally work safe place to post things that are pink
Typical Posts: Usually photos, occasionally links, of anything that is pink

Name: ListaholicsBook·of·Lists
Origin: made by me
Theme: for those that compulsively write lists
Bio: Lists on any topic, lists of any size
Typical Posts: entirely text based lists...often using bullets format

Name: Bwah-ha-hahMeme·Express
Origin: made by me
Theme: Memes, Q&As, and the occasional survey
Bio: a place to post the aformentioned, as much as you like
Typical Posts: standard memes and Q&As, a lot of friending memes of late but surveys to bogus sites get nuked by management when spotted

Name: H1N1: the Piggy PoxThe·Swine·Flu
Origin: made by me
Theme: Piggy Pox posting place
Bio: A place where it can be spoken of openly without that stupid H1N1 garbage
Typical Posts: humor, links, articles, occasional discussions

Name: Fetish FashionVideo·Embedding
Origin: made by me
Theme: posting embedded videos
Bio: if you post vids to your journal post them here too, updated list of links for all embedding sites currently known
Typical Posts: any kind of video, community is set to 'explicit adult content' just in case...even though we don't often get that kinda stuff

...okay, I did 6. Sue me!
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