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Oink! Oink!

H1N1 *ahem* H1N1: the Piggy PoxThe·Swine·Flu is officially a pandemic now. Here's a place to discuss it from both serious and not so serious perspectives...

...but one thing you should keep in mind is it is really not the pigs' fault. Despite the unnecessary re·naming, brought on simply because people were getting paranoid about buying anything made from pork, you can't get it from eating a pig. Take the fattest pig, that's infested from hoof to snout to it's curly little tail with H1N1: the Piggy PoxThe·Swine·Flu and cook it up and eat till you're close to bursting and you will not catch it from that.

H1N1: the Piggy PoxThe·Swine·Flu does not survive the cooking process!

Don't blame the pigs. You should love the pigs. Especially when they're dipped in ketchup.

Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life is yet another place where you can advertise your communities...

...just in case you felt you weren't already advertising them in enough places already.
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