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Collection 9 (:
Laces & Zips :D


Hello girls, it's the GSS (Great Singapore Sales) season!
As a sense of appreciation of your support,
starting from today 30/5/09 till 7/6/09,
purchasing 3 items & above from blingmyworldup regardless of collection / sales items, you'll be automatically place under members list.
Being members will allow you to have 5% off your purchases except for sales, for the future collections.
Definitely worth it!
So check out Collection 8, what's available & blingbling sales now! :D

Within 30/5/09 to 7/6/09
Buy 2 items and above from any other collections also to enjoy free registered (:

#1 Lace Fringe Cropped Tee $22
ptp 19.5"
length 15"
fits uk 6-14
local xs-xl
details : the lace fringe cropped tee is back finally!
pair it with a tank inside, or wear it as a cropped tank on its own,
pretty, cool, chic!

colours : cream / black
status : available


lacefringecroppedblack.jpg picture by blingmyworldup


lacefringecroppedcream.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#2 Front Zip Top Lace Dress $25
ptp 15"
length 31.5"
details : very special piece, make of good material. pretty lace details!
status : available

frontziptoplacedress.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#3 Zipper Tube $22
ptp 13" smocked at the back
length 15"
details : zip is usable. u can choose to zip or unzip anyway u like (:
status : available

zippertube.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#4 Jean Checkered Tube $23
ptp 11" smocked back
length 15"
details : i totally dig the way it looks like a corset, yet it's pretty and casual enough to wear out also! :D
status : available!

jeancheckeredtube.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#5 Sexy Low Back Dress $24
ptp 15"
length 30"
details : awesome deal. trust me! (:
status : available

sexybacklace.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

last but not least,
consider purchasing rosey soft chiffon white dress to enjoy 10% off!
awesome deal! :D
definitely worth it.

Rosey Soft Chiffon White Dress $22
as this is the first exclusive item, purchase this dress with the other items to get 10% off your total tab (:

ptp 13" (smocked)
length 32" (adjustable straps)
fits all sizes due to stretchable material.
details : very pretty rose details, make of good soft chiffon material, very comfortable! what's more it's an exclusive colour! (:
status : available

roseysoftchiffonwhtiedress.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

free normal postage for mailing listees (:

buy 2 & above from any other collections to enjoy free registered (:


To Order 

Leave a comment in the following format: 

Subject: Item and Colour(if any) 
Message: Your contactable Email Address 

indicate confirmed if you are 100% sure of purchasing, 
no questions asked and you'll be given priority! 

Postage Charges 

Normal postage(1 item): $1.50 
Registered Postage(1 item): $3.75 
Exact postage charges will be advised in invoice. 

Terms and Conditions 

Registered postage is highly recommended
 as we will not be responsible for any lost mails. 

However, we do ensure that all the back of parcels are stamped with our return address. 

We require payment within 24 hours :) 
Do check your email
 after you left the comment 
as we require your acknowledgement. 

You may make your payment immediately to 

POSB SAVINGS 022-48506-7 or UOB CAMPUS CURRENT A/C 330-301-833-4

You can also email me at for enquiries. 

If transfer is made when stocks are not available, 
a full refund will be made

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