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I may have too many communities

give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds
Syndicated feeds in absentia

Aliens & PredatorAliens·Predator
fans of either Aliens & Predators or both

Sin Francisco's best club

Sentinel of LibertyCapt·America
the Star Spangled Avenger or whoever else is wearing the suit

Where to land?Cats·on·my·Stuff
Your stuff isn't your's theirs

a truly transcendent taste

The Breakfast ClubDaily·1st·Meal
What'd you have for breakfast?

Television Addictionde·Boob·Tube
Upcoming television programs & discussion...if anyone ever starts one

Nightmares & NotDreamscape·Talk
share the content of your dreams

KA BLOOEYEnd·of·de·World
The world may be coming to an end but that's no reason to get in a huff about it

Cosmic Ray AddictsFantastic··Four
fans of the Fantastic Four

LJ's community for laughs

Don't mess with the purple pantsGamma·Reactions
Hulk's community of green glowing types

Willpower IncorporatedGreen·Lanterns
The War of Light has begun

Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin
Naked peoples everywhere!

Miss PhotogenicJesse·Jane·fans
currently one of the best porn stars

Legends of the DC UniverseJLA·Satellite
The Justice League in all its variations

good thing they don't have to rent those tuxesLittle·Tuxedos
Best dressed animals on the planet

LJ's birthday community

Take the purple pillMatrix·Theory
a tad defunct right now but I'm hoping new blood will get is going again

Memes, Q&A's, and Surveys

Earth's Mightiest HeroMighty·Avengers
fans of the Avengers...all of them

Fanatical GeeksMulti·Genre·Fan
Geeks of all kinds discuss all fandoms

Fetish FashionOooooh·Shiny
fetish fashion community

Protectors of Gotham CityOrder·ofthe·Bat
the heroes of Gotham City and their fans

The Fandom Without fearRadar·Vision
Justice is Blind...but sometimes it still works

Videos & DVDs & disc...oh myRenters·Reviews
rent movies, review movies

Bret's bevy of babesRockofLoveGirls
pics & discussions of any reality show that has the Rock of Love girls on it

Best dogs in the worldRottweiler·Dogs
My favorite kinda pup

a laugh for your soulSilly·Religion
people take the affairs of the Gods way too seriously

House of ElSons·of·Krypton
the people that survived the destruction of Krypton have fans

My eyes My poor innocent eyesSplodefromUgly
Not everything furry is cute

Eat you foolsThe·Bucket·List
anti·eating disorder community

It's not real...It's unrealUnreal·Games
1st person shooter Unreal Tournament and any variation thereof

Cwazy AmericansUSA·de·Quirky
Americans and America...and stuff
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