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#1 Stripey Tank Top $15
ptp 14"
length 28"
fits uk 6-10
local xs-m
details: pair it with leggings or shorts (:
colours: white / blue / black
status: available

stripeytanktop.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#2 Sequin Dress $20
ptp 20"
length 30"
fits uk6-12
local xs-l
details: pretty sequins at the front! :)
colours: black / white / grey
status: last piece of each colour

 sequindress1.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

sequindress2.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#3 Pink Lined Tube Dress $20
ptp 11" unstretched
length 25.5"
fits uk6-10
local xs-m
details: sweet short stripey tube dress with pink linings (:
colours: black / grey
status: last piece of each colour 

pinklinedtubedress1.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

pinklinedtubedress2.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#4 Halter Jumper $20
free size.
details: very special romper!
inner tank not included
colours: denim blue / black
status: available 

halterjumper1.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

halterjumper2.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#5 Catty Romper $20
free size!
details: comes with removable drawstrings. adjustable buttons (:
colours: white/grey
status: last piece of each colour

cattyromper1.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

cattyromper2.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#6 Magazine Skirt $18
across 13.5"
down 15"
fits uk6-10
local xs-l
details: rubberised
status: available 

magazineskirt.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#7 Flower Throwover $17
ptp 19"
length 21"
fits uk 6-8
local xs-m
details: comes with inner racer back. we all love casual throwovers
colours: pink / grey / blue
status : last piece of each colour

flowerthrowover1.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

flowerthrowover2.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

colours of the throwover in order: blue, grey, pink

DSC00368.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#8 Button Blazar $23
ptp 17"
length 20"
fits uk6-10
local xs-m
colours: black
status: available

buttonblazar.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#9 Zipper Leggings $15
free size
details: slight shine, gold zipper
colours: black / grey
status: available

zipperleggings.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

#10 Flower Belt $14
21" unstretched
status: available

flowerbelt.jpg picture by blingmyworldup

model with short hair : 160cm uk6
model with long hair : 168cm uk6


normal postage free for mailing listees! :D

To Order 

Leave a comment in the following format: 

Subject: Item and Colour(if any) 
Message: Your contactable Email Address 

indicate confirmed if you are 100% sure of purchasing, 
no questions asked and you'll be given priority! 

Postage Charges 

Normal postage(1 item): $1.50 
Registered Postage(1 item): $3.75 
Exact postage charges will be advised in invoice. 

Terms and Conditions 

Registered postage is highly recommended
 as we will not be responsible for any lost mails. 

However, we do ensure that all the back of parcels are stamped with our return address. 

We require payment within 24 hours :) 
check your email
 after you left the comment 
as we require your acknowledgement. 

You may make your payment immediately to 

POSB SAVINGS 022-48506-7 or UOB CAMPUS CURRENT A/C 330-301-833-4

You can also email me at for enquiries. 

If transfer is made when stocks are not available, 
a full refund will be made


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