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(\__/) This is Bunny.
(='.'=) Copy and paste bunny onto your LJ.
(")_(") Help Bunny gain World Domination.
Bunnies are EeevilKill·de·Bunnies

Art by InkComic·Art

It's not real...It's unrealUnreal·Games

give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds
If you're removing any syndicated feeds from your friendslist, post it here with a brief blurb about it in case someone else might want it...or someday you want to come back for it and don't want to have to take the time to track it down. After all, feeds don't come up on an interests search!
LJers of the Golden StateCalifornia·LJs
An add me community for anyone that lives in the golden state of California.
Maintainers/Moderators UniteCommunity·Mods
Calling all moderators! If you manage a community and want some advice from others that moderate then post it all here. Or if you've been in difficult moderating situations and want to share it so others can learn by your example.
LJ AddictsLjrnlddctsannms
A community for livejournal addicts. If you even suspect you're a little hooked on LJ than this is the place for you. Post anything about LJ you like, obsess on, or really pisses you off.
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