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it was a teensy weeny, itty bitty....

...if you don't know the rest, feel free to slap yourself!

10:32 AM 10/22/08 · A lot of the time I'm tracking down naked images for one of my more adult communities I'll find a tonnage of bikini & swimsuit shots. I tend to post them anyway if they're hot enough or see through. It occcured to me, what with my community creating obsession and all, that it might be nice to have a sexy swimsuit community.

A place where people could post such, whether it's a pic of themselves or other people...though I'm largely going to set it for women wearing them more than anything else. Unlike the other community though, this one is not for nudity. If something being worn is see through then that'd be okay.

I'll outline better rules on The Bikini ShotSexy·Swimsuits's profile.
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