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it's like an obsession to collect them all... reverse!

Was looking to shrink my friendspage by quite a bit, not so much people but communities and whatnot. See...I've got about 497 people friended (easier to manage than you might think) but also over 500 communities and at least 115 syndicated feeds. Figured I'd cut from those last two items but even though I'm removing feeds I had, not too sure I wanted to say goodbye to them forever.

So I setup give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds to place the ones I removed. That way if I ever get low or want to check out something I no longer had, there's really no good way to track feeds that have so few people friended to them, I can always pop back and see if I wanna re·add something.

Of course, I left it so anyone else could do this to.

Just post what you're removing to give 'em de bootAbandoned·Feeds, leave a quick blurb describing it, and then go on about your day.
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