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most used tags...

1:04 AM 10/1/08 · As I'm probably going to be using this for community advertising, in order to make new tags to WeirdfolksWeirdfolks I need to delete a bunch. The imposed 1,000 tags limit per account was long exceeded here before it was instituted. While going through the list I've deleted the ones that had 0 uses, a wonky quirk, and the following are the ones with the most uses since the community was first made long ago.

Don't recall offhand when that was, WeirdfolksWeirdfolks was given to me in 2004 by the previous moderator.

There's bound to be some crossover with these. Most of the tags in this comm have only been used 1 time, a lot of them 3. 5 to 7 runs the gambit. There's a couple dozen or so that're just under 20 uses.

I just figure the best way to know what a community is about is to be presented with some easy to view examples.
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