Doppleganger (evilgrins) wrote in thecommunity,

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Everybody's favorite porn star...

....and if she isn't yours then frankly, you got issues.

Another little thing, while I've got your attention, is it porn star or pornstar?

Miss PhotogenicJesse·Jane (also known as jesse_jane_fans) is the best community for her fans on livejournal. Okay, granted it's not the only one and the other one was technically here first...but that community is largely dead. This one's active and even if it's mainly because of the posting frenzy that is me, that's not to say I would mind getting even more people to pay tribute to, worship, and otherwise fill it with as much active content about her as possible!

Given what she loves to do, both in her free time and as her chosen vocation, this is obviously an NWS community!
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