And my body was loose and I was set (alight) wrote in thecommunity,
And my body was loose and I was set

Now that the Harry Potter series has ended, the world can seem a dreary place bereft of magic. If you're still feeling nostalgia and the post-Potter blues, let us help you bring the magic and excitement of Hogwarts back into your Muggle life.

Join hogwarts_elite.

Things have taken a turn for the worse in Term 15. The Battle for Hogwarts has begun anew and students have separated into factions. The four houses are still together and welcoming new members, but their loyalties are split. Five teams of Death Eaters and five teams of Order of the Phoenix members face off for control of the school and the glory of victory in fiction, graphics, trivia, fanart, and other assorted contests. Which side will you fight for?

Fill out the application and let us tell you where you ought to be.
Compete, share, play, create, discuss, and make friends with other dedicated Harry Potter fans.
Innovative. Established. Active. Close-knit. Challenging. Exciting. Thought-provoking. Legendary. Elite.
Apply at sorting_elite to join a sorting community unlike any other!

Lions/Team Tonks for the Cup!
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