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the things humans do to themselves

See this? This isn't some demented artist's creation
She's suffering from pro·ana.

Pro·ana refers to the promotion of anorexia nervosa as a
lifestyle choice rather than an eating disorder. These
people are so messed up they think they're at their best
when they can see their bones through their skin! It's just
so depressing and harsh...

...yet mildly fascinating in a morbid sorta way.

Eat you fools!The·Bucket·List is a place to somewhat snark, discuss, and
share sob stories (if you happen to know someone like this)
regarding pro·anas. Here we recognize that being pro·ana is not
a good thing and maybe along the way we can try and find some
better ways to get in good shape and not look like war refugees.

If you are pro·ana and wish to join you're more than welcome to.
You should keep in mind that this community is for discussing
just how warped you are for intentionally harming yourself.
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