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kinda lost me on this one

As I've mentioned a number of times, here or there, generally when candidates talk less about themselves and just try to make their opponents look bad it turns me away from them for being so petty and pathetic. I wanna hear someone go on about what they can do, not see how good they are at smearing the reputation of another...

...however, in this particular case, I don't understand what they were going for here.

The Clinton Crew have been showing a picture of a clearly much younger Obama dressed in African clothes at some ceremony or something. I didn't catch whatever words went along with this, just got a snippet off the news, but I don't understand how this is a bad thing.

I mean, Obama is an African American. Lots of us, though not me, dress in African themed outfits or full on real dress from there. Seeing Obama in such doesn nothing to me and I can't imagine it dfoes anything to anyone else.

Actually, it's kind of a cool outfit.

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