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These are all technically NWS communities...

...some obviously more than others. They've all been set for "Explicit Adult Content" even though a few of them don't actually have it. However, I do know such content does exist out there on the internet somewhere so I figured it was just safe to set them this way on the offchance anyone decided to post it.

This is my current list of celebrity/pornstar communities. I may make more, I may not. Until I start getting more active posters to them it's hard for me to keep them going on my own.

Celebrity Communities of this Moderator:
this community is illogicalJolene·Blalock
Yay Maggie!Kari·Wuhrer
Here's Johnny!Mr·Jack·Nicholson
an X-File never looked so goodMs·Krista·Allen
Bahamian Americans unite!Persia·White
extreme Japanese boobageRio·Natsume

Porn Star Communities of this Moderator:
luscious latinaCarmen·Luvana
flexible lil' thingGauge
Miss PhotogenicJesse·Jane
right into puberty & straight into pornKat
great things in small packagesLeanni·Lei
cum in's dirtyNatasha·Nice
beautiful boobageShay·Laren

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