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Memes & Q&As

Similar to how I'm keeping all the birthday posts to Cake!!!!Happy·Birthdays, other than actually then popping over to said and wishing them one, I primarily post my memes to de Bwah-ha-hah!!!!Meme·Express. Now, since I know different people feel different ways on this, to me a meme is one of those online quizzes you fill out and then it generates this graphic response you can then post to your journal, blog, myspace page, or what have you. A Q&A, which I also post there, is a text based question and answer dealio that you post to your journal... current setup does not display most memes well but Q&As are just I've been posting all of my memes to the community I setup for it. Also, good moderator that I am, I allow for the tagging system and periodically go through and update others posts so as to make it easier for anyone else to go through and find what they need.

Long story short, here's the last set o' memes we've done over there: Clicky!
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