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Animal Communities of this Moderator...

...and I'm looking for people that post fairly often and comment a whole hell of a lot!

Panda FunBamboo·Munchers
for people that love Pandas
Where to land?Cats·on·my·Stuff
really kinda explains itself, doesn't it?
good thing they don't have to rent those tuxesLittle·Tuxedos
the best dressed creatures in the animal kingdom
Mr. Muggles will eat your soulPomeranian·Power
for fans of Mr. Muggles or Pomeranians in general
Best dogs in the worldRottweiler·Dogs
for everybody that likes rottweilers...or should
My eyes! My poor innocent eyes!!'Splode·from·Ugly!
cuz not everything small and furry is necessarily cute
our little friendsStuffed·Aminals
at one point or another we all had a best friend that was like a fuzzy pillow with arms
The PackWerewolves·Howl
the wolf within wants to must
no adamantium but just as toughWolverines
for people who love the animal that a certain mutant gets his name from
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