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Through out the last fifty years since human evolution has hit it's peak, there has always been one prominent thing other than racism: the need to belong to a signifigant group of people, even at the cost of stereotypes, violence and hate. If there is a place one can belong, fit in, there will surely be a sense of community even if somewhat divided.

Pro, Anti, human, mutant and 'Superhero' groups alike have formed themselves in secret and in public staking their claims on a goal, a dream, or a cause that they believe in: and there are those who wish not to be a part of it, those seeking their own havens without the need of others.

Now as this world slowly comes out of it's abundant cocoon of temporary safety, the goverment pushes forth with an oncoming election calling for a new president. America's current leader has been in office for the last eight years, it is sad that he must go considering his new found knowledge has been a brief respite of peace for all in America

Getting him to not sign that act was a blessing, getting the next president to abolish it will not be so easy.

I see a time of hardships for all humans of race, color, and mutation to come. These times will not be the ones we, the dreamers, the hopeful have prayed for if there is light at the end of the tunnel and yet it may be a time of victory seen by many others: a time to take darkness, and manipulate even further into a catacomb of black holes we may never find our way out of.

The only questions that remain are; will you see this as a victory? Do you fear what is to come? Do you wish to fight for freedom? Freedom for all human beings? What is your goal here? What will you do in the times to come?

This is for you to decide.

Carnal Legions is a X-Men game is set after X-Men: United at All characters from the comics, tv shows and video games are welcomed, currently the only characters taken are Rogue, Pyro, Professor X, Beast and Mystique. Multiple-Man is also not avalible.

X-Men: Carnal Legions
Opens January 25th/28th.

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