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Panda FunBamboo·Munchers
For the posting of panda pictures, icons, art, & jokes.
Where to land?Cats·on·my·Stuff
Variation of "stuff on cats"...for when your feline, or anyone you can find is on your stuff no matter the inconvenience to you.
good thing they don't have to rent those tuxesLittle·Tuxedos
For those of us that love those flightless birds in the really sharp suits.
Mr. Muggles will eat your soulPomeranian·Power
The continued love of those fluffy little dogs and the ongoing analysis of the Mr. Muggles conspiracy.
Best dogs in the worldRottweiler·Dogs
Celebreating the best dogs in the world. Post images, icons, or whatever. Posts with clever captions appreciated!
My eyes! My poor innocent eyes!!'Splode·from·Ugly!
Indirectly inspired by splodefromcute...seeking out and finding the fugliest animals the internet can provide.
our little friendsStuffed·Aminals
Whether we admit to it or not, we all have stuffed animals...regardless if we use them as friends or funny shaped pillows.
The PackWerewolves·Howl
For those of us that love werewolves...or are. Posting images, stories, fandoms, and sharing experiences.
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