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april's writing

In the 1930's strange and horrific experiments were conducted in rural Los Angeles in "The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute" by the mad doctor himself Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt. There were unspeakable things, horrific procedures, that occurred to the patients who were unwillingly sent to stay in means of getting better, but they only got worse. Tired of the good doctor's medical studies, the patients rebelled against the staff, brutality tortured the nurses, and set fire to the building.

Knowing that he wouldn't survive the night, Vannacutt released a secret mechanism that sealed all the doors and windows preventing anyone of escaping; if he was going to die, they were all going to die. Decades later, people claim that the Institute is haunted by the souls of all that perished and a deadly nightmare awaits inside for those who enter. Very few have the rights to enter the grounds, but now the house has opened itself up and welcomes you.

Whether you arrived by invitation, snuck onto the premises illegally, or woke up in one of the rooms without a clue as to how you arrived is your choice. Choosing characters from the world of "Dark Castle," you can now bring them into the world of the insane and try to survive a a deadly scenario where there are vengeful spirits lurking about and a maniacal madman who is out for blood and possibly your soul. But Vannacutt isn't the only one out for souls it seems. There are deadlier forces appearing in the house who too want a share of the living.

Do you dare step foot inside to find out if those rumors of the place being haunted are true, and will you be able to survive to tell your frightening tale? Or will you be doomed to wander the halls of the Institute forever?

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