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"...and at last came the final dream, The Night Island" - The Queen Of The Damned

NIGHT ISLAND, is a pleasure complex just off the shores of Miami in the state of Florida. The island is five glass stories of shops, theaters, restaurants, lounges, casinos, and clubs. A wide variety of items are available in the boutiques, including diamonds, Oriental rugs, porcelain dolls and designer fashions. Five films play nightly in the cinemas, and the restaurants represent cuisine from numerous countries. The public areas are ornamented by sparkling fountains and flower beds, and are serviced by glass elevators and silver escalators. The island is accessible by boat from Miami and is only open to tourists from sunset to sunrise. Otherwise it's run by it's many human inhabitants during the day like any other business.

The game takes place starting in April of 1989 after the destruction of Akasha as written in The Queen of the Damned. The remaining vampires have returned to Night Island for some semblance of normality and relaxation. We are aware that some vampires were made after this time and if you wish to play them, I'm sure we can work something out.

This is an Original Character RP that is based off The Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. We accept all Vampire Chronicle's Characters as well as original character vampires, original character humans, and witches.

The Sections

The Night Island- RP Log (Outdoors/New Arrivals/Mod Posts)

The Mod, Aeramon - Mod Posts
Night Island Intros - Character Introductions

& Rules
& PB List
& Application
& Appartments
& The Villa
& The Villa
& Tags
& Extra

We mean no infringement of rights, nor do we own anything. We're only role playing for sheer amusement. Nor do we own or know any of the PB's.


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