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Shall we dance?

Random Questions???????? - random questions with a bad case of worms
FUBARBeyond·Wrong - stuff in your life you wanna post but not where your normal friendslist will see it
ListaholicsBook·of·Lists - for those of us that love making lists
Livejournal OverdoseCommunity·Crack - for advertising your communities in
Giggle·FestHouse·of·Happy - cuz we all need a good giggle from time to time
For the Love of FoodKiss·the·Chef - do you know any good recipes?
Help us!LJ·Addicts·Anonymous - not entirely sure but as long as it's livejournal related
Bwah-ha-hah!!!!Meme·Express - memes, quizzes, Q&A's, challenges, etc.
a laugh for your soulNaughty·lil·Devils - a bit of religion with room for shit & giggles
PhotobugsPhotobugs - share whatever your camera has captured
Crazy AmericansPower·to·the·People - We the People may not like the President but we support our troops!
Maintainers/Moderators Unite!Ship·of·Fools - place to dicsuss the communities you moderate/manage
Television AddictionSlaves·to·the·Box - we are glued to the tube and screwed
Sporks for LJSporky·Reviews - a fairly defunct journal rating thingamabob
LJers of the Golden StateThe·Argument·Clinic - you got a fucking problem?
Nightmares & NotThe·Dreamscape - tell the dreams that coast under your eyelids at night
WeirdfolksWeirdfolks - about as self·explanatory as you're ever likely to get
The PackWerewolves·Howl - we're not furries and we don't play fetch
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