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Comicbook Art

Art by InkComix is a place to post any and all comicbook art, or related works, that you've been impressed by. We're a little loose limbed with LJ·cuts in this community so I thought I'd include examples of what's acceptable.

Thunbnail posts are perfectly fine, if you know how to do them:

If you haven't on already, as a surprising number of folks tend to not get, clicking on those brings up much larger images. These are not the typical type of posts though. A standard sized post is generally a single image at it's normal and full resolution. The only rule for those is that it is a single image, multiples would have to involve an LJ·cut, and that it be no wider than the size of the screen; figuring that most folks have their resolution at least at 800x600.

So, what is a standard post like?

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