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Save the kitty!

Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin

Things to know:
  • What we're about is the whole body...not just bits & pieces. In what format is up to you.

  • Guys: no penis shots unless you've got it dressed in an outfit. A condom is not an outfit!

  • Girls: no simply flashing your breasts or what's down below...there's other comms for just that.

  • This comm has the subheading Free Porn the Sequel so you're welcome to link good stuff you've found long as it's a free site or from a free section of a pay site.

  • Posting large images outside of an LJ·cut is okay...with some restrictions. It cannot be wider than a 600 resolution and not so much up and down that it takes more than one page down scrolling. Multiple images must be behind a cut.

  • This community is NWS (not work safe) by its very nature. If you get in trouble for looking at it at work or around your family or people that should not be seeing this kinda stuff it's your own fault.

  • Be aware there are professional models & photographers of fetish and adult entertainment in here. Amateurs are welcome but they do tend to get intimidated sometimes.

  • Most imporant above all polite. When commenting, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't!

  • The maintainers do periodic sweeps of the members' profiles so have your birthdate (including year) displayed and easy to find.
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