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april's writing

Earth, September 18th, 2006: Mankind continued it's day-to-day business. They had chosen ordinary lives, and while the occasional war brought excitement, it was business as usual. Nothing changed, and nothing truly preturbed them. As long as the hot water continued to run, the TV continued to pick up episodes of LOST, and Comic Stores continued to issue copies of Runaways, God was in his heaven and all was right with the world.

Yet there were a few who did not sleep easily. Their ordinary lives were rapidly spiraling out of control. The ordinary heard about it occasionally. The man in Jersey who walked across water. The 5'2 petite secretary who beat up three grown muggers single-handedly, without an ounce of training. The Corporate CEO who discovered, after his second heart-attack-that he could see into the future. They were just stories right? Just Urban Legends. Besides. If there were Mutants, where the heck was Professor X? Where was Jean Gray?

Yet for those affected and suddenly ushered into the ranks of homo superior, they'd taken their first steps into a dark conspiracy the likes of which no human had ever encountered. Do they and their loved ones have what it takes to be-

[Rules][Story][FAQ][Korea: 1951][Triads]
[The Invincible][Secret Identities][Game Locations: LA][Game Locations: NY]
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