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New Dawn: A Panfandom Post-Apocalyptic RPG
The Future is Now

In the blinking of an eye, the world as you knew it changed. In a whisper of breath, a chill passed over you as you walked along the sidewalk, took a swim in the ocean or awoke from a deep sleep with the realization that something was wrong. Even as you acknowledged that voice crying out in warning from deep within It Happened.

Some felt it as electricity, like static shock racing across their skin. Some shivered from cold as though the temperature dropped significantly or they had been plunged into a pool of ice water. There were those who said it felt as though their bodies were on fire, burning from the inside to the outside and those who said that they felt a million needles plunging into their bodies. Still others felt the lightness of being, a sudden light headedness and exhilaration that came from a natural high or the intensity of the perfect orgasm. Whatever it was, however it was felt, it happened as an indescribable wave rippled through time and space, washing over the universe, the galaxy, the world as you knew it.

In a single heartbeat, a single gasp, a single cry of pain, the world as you knew it was no more.

People simply vanished as the wave washed over you. People crumbled to dust. People exploded in fiery infernos. The world trembled and shook as time and space fell together and collapsed. The waters of the ocean rose and ravaged and rained down on the coasts as the barriers between worlds and dimensions opened. People and things spilled through the cracks, appeared as quickly as those who belonged disappeared.

Just as quickly, it was over. The earth ceased its violent upheavals, the ocean stopped its churning and those terrible rifts sealed themselves, leaving behind those people and those things that came forth.

Madness, terror and anarchy set in. Governments collapsed and as though that was not enough, fate took one final stab at the earth that was left behind. A terrible plague, like nothing ever seen, dubbed Fate's Handmaiden, spread rapidly across the world. With a one hundred percent mortality rate and more than 90% of the population susceptible, it took only a month to wipe the world clean. You are the remnant that is left.

Left to rebuild in a world where the landscape has changed. Left to survive in a world that is alien, unfamiliar and dangerous.

This is your world. How will you survive?

// The Plot // FAQs // Background & Setting // Rules // Application \\

// Characters // How to Post // OOC Comm // Admin Comm \\

Tentative Start Date: September 24, 2006*
Currently accepting applications for any fandom characters and original characters.
Male characters wanted and needed, but female characters are welcome as well.

*Game may start earlier or later depending on the timing and number of initial applications received.
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