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avert your eyes; shameless self promotion ahead

interfaith_talk For anyone of any religion (or lack thereof) t post questions, thoughts etc

nirvana_elitist Closed Nirvana community, for us Nirvana fans that KNOW we're better than all the rest. E-mail me to join

forever_nirvana 18+, for people that lived through "grunge", if you're under 18 and you feel that it is nessecary that you join e-mail me at the address listed above

dowsedinmud Another Nirvana comm co-mod with baladeur (She created i, I just help run the place haha)

your_songs_bite have you ever heard a song that is just so stupid you HAVE to make fun of it, well here's your new home. Post any and all lyrics you find stupid or mock worthy and make sarcastic witty remarks along the way. (this comm is dead, bring it back to life)

fuck_being_pc Anything you want to say that could be taken offensive. The only rule- DON'T BE A WIMP. If someone offends you, offend them right back don't come crying to me about it. Tell rude jokes, rant, anything.

im_amused Funny conversations on IM, if it's long, LJ cut is your friend.

etheridge_angel For fans of the goddess commonly known as Melissa Etheridge (to my knowledge it's the first Melissa Etheridge community on LJ so stardt thanking me!)

that_70s_comm for fans of That 70s show
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