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We Need a Life!

10:13 AM 8/13/06 · I've been bouncing around livejournal for a pretty long time now, though not as long as some, and I've got more than a few communities setup in that time. My friendslist is made up as much of people that I know as people that have seen my posts in my comms as well as others and friended me because of that. Among those folks I read that read me, there a number of them that have a community or 5 too.

Usually when I'm doing community advertising I hit up the following places: 0000000000000ok, _1promote1_, ___promowhore, _adult_promo, _communitypromo, _lj_promo_, _promotion_, advertizement, comm_central, comm_promo, comm_promotion, comm_unity, communities, community_ads, community_promo, communityads, communitypromo_, communitywhore, directory, directorylj, hardcore_promo, ljcommunities, ljcommunity, promo_community, promote, promote_me, promote_now, promote_now_, promote_stuff, promote_within, promotelove, promoteyourshit, promotion_whore, promotions_ltd, shameless_plugs, thecommunity, total_promotion, uber_promoting, whoreme, x_promote, x_promote_x, & xpromotexwhorex. While I'm sure that seems like a lot...I used to have more till I started removing the ones that had a membership under 200. One of these days I may do another trim of any that has one under 300 or 400...

...but, me being me, is it at all surprising that I just had to make one too?

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