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Restless Dreams

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Silent Hill is everywhere. It exists everywhere there are people, spanning across continents, time, space, and most importantly dimensions.

Writer Harry Mason drives away from the town with his infant daughter in tow, greatful to have survived-to have escaped the nightmare...

....While miles away in Columbus Ohio, Rose and Christopher Da Silva talk about how their daughter is getting sicker, and how the only solution seems to be taking her to the mysterious town called "Silent Hill"....

Seventeen years in the future, Heather Morris goes to a mall and winds up in her own past, and becomes embroiled in the past of another girl who's story seemingly resembles her own...

Who brought them here? For what purpose? Is there something darker behind the story of Silent Hill? The survivors of past encounters must contend with the new players in a game that's being masterminded by the ultimate evil itself...

For when the Silence falls over the town, who's to say who lives and who dies?

Desperately Seeking

-Cybil Bennett (Gameverse/Movieverse)
-Thomas Gucci (Movieverse)
-Sharon Da Silva (Movieverse)
-Alessa Gillespie (Movieverse/Gameverse)
-Harry Mason (Gameverse)
-Heather Morris/Mason (Gameverse)
-Eileen (Gameverse)
-Walter Sullivan (Gameverse)
(Most Game/Comic and Movie Characters are Available!)

townofsilence is a brand-new Silent Hill Roleplaying Game combining the Gameverses with the Movieverse and Comicverse (It's silent hill, different dimensions are definately possible. We're currently looking for all game characters (Harry, James, etc.) and we're looking for a good chunk of the movie cast as well. Just started, brand new, experience the terror. Interested in joining? pop on over to silence_ooc. We have most canon characters available, and we're open to OCs as well!
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