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The Breakfast Club

Yes the movie that gave us that great line " You will accept a guys tongue in your mouth, but you eat sushi". I was waiting for the super bowl to start at 6:23pm and channel surfing and the breakfast club was on AMC. Its such a great movie for all ages about kids in high school and all we have in common. I like to watch the movie just to see the way they clean it up for tv. What a great movie movie they should show it to all freshmen I say. I guess I like the movie so much because I can idenify with the Brian Johnson charactor. No I was not that smart but could not for the life of my make ANYTHING in wood shop class. ok trivial time now In the movie what was Brian Johnson's middle name ? Why did Brian Johnson say he needed a fake ID for ? And the big one now what was the of the Ally Sheehan charactors name ?
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