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put that christmas and hannukah cash to non-corporate use! support yr local artist friend instead!

by the time you get back from break, i will have a full stock of HAWT hemp jewelry ranging from measly $5 - 10: chokers, bracelets, anklets, headbands...free keychains with purchase and i will make belts by special order ($20) - provide me with pant size - or any other item big or small yr mind can fathom.

i'm also going to start selling my altered clothing, or you can give me any item with any alteration request, and i will hand it back to you all diy-ed up! i'm also selling my photography, and can capture whatever images spark yr fancy -- and of course, this is ALL dirt cheap [small fee plus cost of supplies]!

shit, it's like the punk rock flea market of yr dreams: with exactly the items yr looking for at even lower prices...and with 24/7 access!

forward my contact info to anyone who you think might be interested in some dirt cheap diy goods!

aim - iwantequalitynow
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