The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in thecommunity,
The Lone Penman

Community Webring Directories?

Hi, I just stopped by here to ask a question, so hear me out if you please.

Throughout my walk through Livejournal's many corridors, I've always showed a fascination with new directories (for all members, both paying and non-) for Ljers to list themselves upon (which is why I'm glad that LJ decided to add a school directory for LJers and LJ communities).

However, I've also noticed that several communities, for sake of similar purposes, means, or themes, have often featured themselves as being part of so-called "community webrings". In fact, maybe its a quirk in the system or a feature that is available exclusively to paid members who also happen to be maintainers of such communities, but sometimes, within the bottom area of the userinfo (in which the members and watchers are listed), there is listed: "Member of:" or "Friend of:" such-and-such community.

My head is filled with metaphorical questions marks right now, in regard to this issue.

So, is it possible to list your community as a member of another community?

And/or, is it possible that Livejournal could allow for the directorizing of community webrings in the near future?

Just a few questions from me, thanks.
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