If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire! (becka_mouse) wrote in thecommunity,
If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire!

my new community

join my new community! my_ex_is_a_joke  and watch as we use the internet and our sick sick minds to completely flame them with you! we will have monthly contests where the winner gets a cencored *black bar across the eyes IF THE WINNER SO DESIRES TO GIVE THEM WHAT LITTLE DIGNITY THEY HARDLY DESERVE!* pick of their ex with up to fifteen insults of their choice typed on the picture! They also get that picture used as the background of the community for a MONTH! so please! give my_ex_is_a_joke a try and join the insane mockery of those that deserve it!!


(please read all the rules before applying. the mods aren't stupid and will know you didn't. we have hardly any members so the app will most likely be accepted)


OR..if you're into just writing letters to get frustrations towards Significant Others, please look into dearso . no application is required.

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