If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire! (becka_mouse) wrote in thecommunity,
If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire!

Hey! I started a community purely for writing vent-letters (vetters) to significant others. What I mean by significant others is, aside from a loved one, anyone that upsets you enough to want to vent it out is significant.

but anyway, here's a banner-free shameless self promo.

"About: Have something you really really want to say to your significant other but can't? Say it here! We won't judge you. Questions won't be asked and unless you ask for it, advice won't be given!


"We, the members of this community can and will be honest as all hell when we write. Sometimes our honesty is out of anger but thats the best kind. We are not going to apologize EVER if we come off as harsh or mean because as we write these 'vetters' we feel that what is said is well deserved. If you do read a vetter directed towards you and you find your heart crushed, your feelings broken and your ego mangled...fucking get over yourself, asshole! We're VENTING for a REASON here! Hello!!! Thank you."

i also had a question....
if I were to make a community for the Married Single Parent (a parent in a marriage with children who feels like they're the only parent involved with the caretaking of their kids...like me)

who would join?

because I'll make it if I get enough of a response
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