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Ladies, gentlemen and all manner of strange inanimate objects*! (Such as bizarrely-shaped candlesticks! If you are a bizarrely-shaped candlestick, we have a place for you!)

Allow me to introduce to you a land of the most marvellous humourous delights and delicacies, where chaos and normality go hand-in-hand, and scare off the butterflies while they’re at it. Over at omg_harrypotter we are rewriting history- or at least, Harry’s fifth year- with a set of brilliant and unorthodox characters, and there are plenty of orthodox ones in the mix as well!

Gaze upon the delights of Lavender Brown, our resident feminazi (but not too hard, if you’re a male, or she’ll probably cause great damage to your nether areas with her rainbow flag)! Listen in horror as George Weasley talks lengthily about his newfound emu- sorry, emo!- love! Avoid talking to Elenor Branstone (if you provoke her, she’ll point her as-of-yet nonexistent Death Ray towards you, you evil MURDERERS)!

Also, just generally, have fun!

Game Premise: The title says everything - this is an OMG!RP for Harry Potter. What is an OMG!RP, you may ask? It's an RP in which two sets of characters exist - the IC (in character, or canon) and OOC (out of character, or fanon). They interact, and much crack is born of the combination. Trust me.

It's set post-Goblet of Fire, with an AU fifth year (because setting it in between OotP and HBP would soon be very confusing). So...they're in school, fifth year. Voldemort has returned, the Order is rebuilding, etc, etc. Voldemort, being the Evil Dark Lord that he is, was experimenting with cloning minions one day (he had Star Wars on the brain, okay?). Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong, and EVERYBODY got cloned!

Available Characters: Unfortunately, we recently lost several characters due to an impending return to school and other commitments, and we had a general clear-out of our inactive players. As of now, we’re missing both Harrys, both Rons, one Hermione and hordes of other characters. Almost all characters are available in at least one incarnation, and we’re looking for new blood to fill those spaces! (Not literally. Really. We have no plans to suck your blood and leave you as a bloodless corpse. Ask anyone.) We’d especially like some more Slytherins and Ravenclaws, but Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors are very welcome as well! Also, if you feel like applying for an adult character, no matter how evil/morally challenged you are, you’re fairly certain to get a position at Hogwarts if you want one!

*No offence to any real inanimate objects out there reading this. We are a tolerant and kind group. We love you! Please join us!
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