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·· Minerva Maharet ··

Solitary Wiccans Community

solitarywiccans was created after i was unable to find any active (i.e.- nonabandoned) communities for Solitaries, or communities that catered more to Solitaries than to coven-minded Wiccans. it is meant to be a peaceful place for us to talk and learn from one another. there are a few rules, but they're basically common sense:

- trolling and/or flaming will result in banning, no warning.
- no advertisement of non-Wiccan comms or sites (as there are comms like this one to do that in)
- do not post quizzes
- no begging for LJ codes, or begging for instant messages
- fluffy bunnies need not join. if you think Wicca is a weekend game, stay out.
- no asking for or doling out of 'love spells'.

userinfo here.
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