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Harry Potter Marauder-Era RPG looking for new players!

It's 1977 and the Marauders sixth year of school, but things aren't as perfectly put together as they thought they would be. With the appointment of the new Head Boy and Girl, prefectsd and house members, the students' lives are about to be upturned.

An unknown veiled threat is lurking just outside the doors of Hogwarts, waiting for the latest class to divulge its secrets about the Castle's inhabitants to.

But the Headmaster can't sit idly by while his students are corrupted, can he? Of course not. The lines have been drawn and it's time for each side to start finding the right recruits to ensure their own ideals prevail.

These are the journals and moments in the lives of students, professors and other members of society during such a tumultuous period.

Ashes to Ashes Main Page

Open Characters
Full Cast List

We have started, but are desperately looking for new additions! We are in need of Lucius Malfoy, James Potter, Petter Pettigrew, Alice Wright (Longbottom), Lynn Rainer (Lovegood), Alan Lovegood, various Death Eaters and many other canon characters that have little or no known information (ripe for the developing!). This is everyone's chance to get creative and meet some wonderful players! Please check us out and join!
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