Smily Gorgonzolla (dannypotter) wrote in thecommunity,
Smily Gorgonzolla

JOIN 0btuse_images and 0btuse_writing!!!

Don't fear their names, because 0btuse is a concept we rely on. The first community wants to gather awesome images - art, funny, special - anything hand-made, computer-made, photos, paintings, stuff found on the internet. If you have an image that would be worth some thought, post it in 0btuse_images and help us become the biggest image community on LJ.

The second community is a more complex concept. Chain writing is the primary scope. Post your short beginning of what could be a story and other members will just continue it with a comment and so on. Weekly challenges with writing on a given theme, fanfiction and awesome stuff. The community will work only if it grows and if the members actually contribute. Writing is awesome, so do it at 0btuse_writing!
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