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Beyond the War

The one thing Dumbledore did not expect after the marauders graduated was a war. He had hoped that it would take longer for Lord Voldemort to bring his allies together into an army. He never wanted to have to think ill of his students though some had turned from the path he hoped them to tread. Things in this world had changed in merely a year or two. And the worst thing was the Order wasn’t yet ready to see the horror of what Tom Riddle now Lord Voldemort was prepared to do.

“What do we do now Professor?”
“We wait….we wait until you are all ready. We wait to see his plan. That is all we can do for now.”
“We cant just wait around for him to kill us…”
“We must Mr. Black. Even you cant imagine what the knights will do once they get his word.”

Bellatrix Black now Hogwarts graduate is under the instruction of her father friend and teacher Mr. Riddle. He has been teaching her for months and feels soon she is ready to join him in his quest. Along with her is her cousin Regulus and a few other school mates. She alone is to be his contact with the Hogwarts students. He has assigned her a contact in the French , Bulgarian and British Ministries. They are planted there to gain more supporters. She is to contact each of them and meet with them in order to check their numbers. Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus Lestrange, Igor Karkaroff. Each of them must contact her every three week or face the Dark One’s wrath.

"Master they have spoken to me. We have to act quickly."
"Patience Bella. We need time to plan before that old fool figures us out."
"But master..."
"I said patience Bella. I know what to do."

On the other side is Dumbledore and the order. The Marauders have become a valuable asset to the order and have contacts everywhere. Each is avoiding spies and even becoming them in order to prevent and win the war between elitist purebloods and the rest of the wizarding world.

But no matter how hard they try on both sides. Things will not be as planned. For Voldemort doesn’t know about the Order just yet and Dumbledore doesn’t know Riddle has his army planning an invasion of the ministries so soon. Things will get ugly in this war.

When the war is started and lines drawn what side will you be on? Because Beyond the war is the people, beyond the war is the hatred and fear...for beyond the war lies the truth waiting to be discovered.

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