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~~A community to get your community rated froma non-member point of view. It's completely objective. All you have to do is fill out a short application, no matter if you're a member or a maintainer!

Here is a community where you can get:
~Tips on how to improve your community
~Ideas on how to get more members
~Help on graphics
~An idea of how good your community is doing!

Come join us at comm_reviews!!

If this promotion is not allowed here; please contact the mod HERE A.S.A.P.
(Members of 0_lj_night_club Can get in major trouble for spamming)
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* Very Active * Themes * Games * Photoshoots * Scavenger hunts * Contests * Prizes * Graphics* Free stuff *Points you can earn and spend on cool stuff * 8 different apps to choose from (one is based only on personality) * You're NOT required to promote! * Member of the month * NICE members * fun environment *

***This Hot New community is about having fun, meeting new friends and participating in fun activities. So if you're looking for a FUN place to hang out instead of just a lame/harsh rating community, come and join 0_lj_night_club***

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